BC Political Parties’ Annual Financial Reports Posted

Elections BC has posted the 2014 annual financial reports for registered political parties and registered constituency associations on its website.

The reports contain information on the 2014 financial activities of registered political parties and constituency associations, including: contributions accepted; annual financial information; amount of income tax receipts issued; transfers of money, goods or services received and given; fundraising function information; other income received and expenditures made; andloans and guarantees.

Links to the reports can be found on the Elections BC website here: http://www.elections.bc.ca/index.php/news/ma-2014-afr/

Here are the links to the BC Liberal Party annual report and the BC NDP annual report.

The reports show that the BC Liberal Party received $10,132,331 in contributions in 2014 and had a surplus of $3,180,854 and the BC NDP received $3,176,550.30 in contributions in 2014 and had a surplus of $705,820.23.

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