Breaking down the Voter Turnout from the BC Transit Referendum

A majority of Metro Vancouver voters have voted no in the transit referendum, according to the results released by Elections BC today.

61.68% of the 757,183 valid votes cast were for the No side.

In total, 798,262 ballot packages were returned to Elections BC, representing a turnout of 51.09% of registered voters.

Why the difference between the number of ballot packages returned and the number of valid votes cast?

Of the 798,262 ballot packages returned, 38,393 were rejected without the certification envelope being opened, likely due to it not being signed or completed, or received late. Just think, that’s almost 40,000 votes that weren’t valid because people didn’t follow the instructions on filling in the certification envelope or missed the deadline.

A further 173 ballot packages were rejected upon opening the secrecy envelope because they contained no ballot or more than one ballot. These could be considered spoiled ballots, or attempts to vote more than once, or attempts to save postage. In any event, these packages were also rejected.

Finally, 2513 ballots were rejected, presumably on the grounds that they were spoiled or did not indicate clearly whether they were in favour of yes or no.

After all that, we are left with 757,183 valid votes.

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