Elections BC Publishes Burnaby North Recall Petition Financing Reports

The recall petition financing reports for Burnaby North are now available on the Elections BC website here: http://contributions.electionsbc.gov.bc.ca/pcs/FRSearchResults.aspx?PFN=&PK=0&P=%28ALL%29&FTK=0&FT=%28ALL%29&FNK=0&FN=%28ALL%29&EV=2015+Petition+to+Recall+the+MLA+for+Burnaby+North&ED=%28ALL%29

The recall proponent reported $1,859 in expenses in connection with the recall effort. The proponent received $1,845 in contributions, only one of which was greater than $250 – a $900 contribution from the Vancouver Elementary School Teachers Association.

The MLA for Burnaby North received $26,060 in contributions for the recall, all from the BC Liberal Party, while reporting $11,774.77 in expenses.

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