Elections Nova Scotia Enters into Another Compliance Agreement with a Candidate

The provincial election campaign in Nova Scotia is still in the early stages, but Elections Nova Scotia has already entered into a third compliance agreement. This time the agreement is with Bruce Inglis, the Progressive Conservative candidate in the electoral district of Queens-Shelburne.

According to the notice of compliance agreement, Mr. Inglis breached section 339(1)(d) of the Elections Act (Nova Scotia) “by promising to make a donation for a charitable purpose.”

Section 339(1)(d) prohibits candidates from promising to make a donation in exchange for receiving votes.

The notice indicates that Mr. Inglis had made this promise on his Facebook page. While the notice of compliance agreement is only required to be a summary of the compliance agreement, it would be helpful in this case to know exactly what Mr. Inglis wrote on his Facebook page. If the purpose of these notices is to allow some transparency in the compliance agreement process, this would be well served by providing some more of the facts of this matter so that the public knows exactly what happened.

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