First Nations Leader Championing Voter ID Push

The CBC reports on the push by Dalles First Nation councillor Tania Cameron’s for first nations communities to assist their members acquire the necessary identification to vote in the upcoming federal election:

It is great to see champions like this supporting the democratic process in Canada. Voter identification is a technical requirement that many people ignore or leave until the last minute, causing unnecessary stress to themselves and to the election officers who are there to help them exercise their right to vote. I can’t recommend highly enough how important it is to get your ID prepared and ready in advance, and I fully support Ms. Cameron’s efforts.

Do yourself a favour and make sure you have the required ID. A list of what ID is required to vote in the election is available on the Elections Canada website here:

First Nations bands or reserves or Inuit local authorities can provide one of the two pieces of ID required, by completing a letter of confirmation of residence.

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