Government Funding of Political Parties in Quebec at 75% – What are the Implications?

Yesterday Elections Quebec announced new requirements that increase the amount of information that must be provided in the annual financial reports of provincial political parties.

What I found most interesting was the reasoning for the additional disclosure. According to Elections Quebec, government funding of political party financing has increased in three years from about 25% to 75%, and the fact that political parties receive 75% of their funding from the government means it has become even more important to the Chief Electoral Officer that political parties be able to provide a clear picture of how they use the public funding they receive.

I was amazed to read that 75% of political party funding in Quebec is provided by the government. That seems quite high and I wonder how it compares to other jurisdictions in Canada.This also makes me think about the implications of an election financing system that is overwhelmingly provided by the government. What impacts will this financing model have on the political party system in Quebec?  That would be an interesting topic of study for someone.

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