“Green Party quietly paid MP and deputy leader Bruce Hyer a ‘stipend’ on top of $167K Commons salary”

Glen McGregor reports today in the National Post about payments made by the Green Party  to a former NDP MP who became Green deputy leader on top of his House of Commons salary: http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/green-party-quietly-paid-mp-and-deputy-leader-bruce-hyer-a-stipend-on-top-of-167k-commons-salary

According to Bruce Hyer the payments were for extra responsibilities he did for the Green Party.

The Green Party has not publicly disclosed how much it paid Mr. Hyer for these services and its spokesman has claimed the amount is private information.

This misses the mark in my opinion. The Green Party, like all other political parties, receive significant subsidies from taxpayers in a number of ways. If they are taking public money, its a bit much for them to claim what they do with it is private, especially if it involves topping up the significant remuneration of an MP, who shouldn’t have time on top of his job as an MP to do anything else.

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