“Loophole in fixed-date election law allows for questionable spending, observers say”

In today’s article in the Globe and Mail, Elections Canada CEO Marc Mayrand comments on the issue of dark money and third party election advertising rules: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/loophole-in-fixed-date-election-law-allows-parties-to-overspend-observers-say/article25306810/

Many commentators continue to consider this a loophole in the fixed election date law, but that isn’t really the case. The loophole is in the third party election advertising law. The loophole has been exacerbated by the fixed election date law, but it was there before fixed election dates, and would have been exploited even without a fixed election date.

In its post-election recommendations Elections Canada will be expected to tackle the issue of dark money by closing the loopholes that allow unlimited spending without transparency before the issue of the writ, and the ability to shield contributors from disclosure in third party election advertising reports.

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