Misprinted Ballots Could Lead to Contested Election in Stratford, PEI

Teresa Wright of the Guardian has written two articles on an issue in the PEI provincial election involving an apparent printing mistake on ballots used at one of the advance polls.

Ballots at the Stratford advance poll on Saturday incorrectly identified the NDP candidate’s home community as Valleyfield, which is approximately 30 kilometres away from his actual home in Stratford.

Wright reports on the steps taken by Elections PEI to address the incorrectly printed ballots: http://www.theguardian.pe.ca/Decision-15/2015-04-28/article-4126380/Elections-P.E.I.-seeks-legal-advice-over-ballot-box-concerns/1

and on the complaint lodged by the NDP candidate with the RCMP: http://www.theguardian.pe.ca/Decision-15/2015-04-29/article-4128235/RCMP-helping-Elections-P.E.I.-with-ballot-investigation/1

The possibility of a contested election over the misprinted ballots provides some additional drama to today’s election. If the election is contested, the Elections Act (Prince Edward Island) and the Controverted Elections (Provincial) Act (Prince Edward Island) are both older pieces of legislation, which could result in an interestingly difficult job of interpretation for a judge.

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