New Voter ID Rules Will be Used for 2015 Federal Election as Injunction Denied

Two changes to the voter identification requirements for federal elections will remain in place after an Ontario Superior Court judge refused to grant an injunction keeping the old rules in place for the 2015 election.

You can read the reasons for this decision here:

Canadians will not be able to use the voter information card to prove their identity and residence, nor will they be able to vouch for another persons identity.

Instead of using the voter identification card, Canadians will be required to produce one or two of the pieces of ID listed on the Elections Canada website:

If an elector is able to prove their identity but not their residence, they can have another elector vouch for their residence. However, they still have to be able to prove their identity with two pieces of ID to take advantage of this restricted form of vouching.

With these new ID rules in place, it is more important than ever to make sure you are prepared to vote and have the required ID.

Be proactive and take charge of your right to vote.

If you have any questions about ID or how to get the one or two pieces of ID that prove your identity and residence, please share them below in the comments.

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