Official Results of Alberta Election Posted: NDP Candidate Elected in Calgary-Glenmore

Elections Alberta has published the official results of the May 5th provincial election:

There are two things to note from the official results.

First, the official voter turnout was 53.7%, a starkly low figure. Think about it, almost half of the eligible voters didn’t bother to vote. Its such a low number it makes me wonder whether there is something amiss with the voters list, like they haven’t removed people who have left Alberta or who have died. Turnout this low is a big problem. 46.3% of eligible voters sent a message about the state of democracy in Alberta, and it isn’t good news.

Second, NDP candidate Anam Kazim has been elected in Calgary-Glenmore by a plurality of 6 votes, after the unofficial results showed her being tied with Linda Johnson, the PC candidate. If Johnson wants to apply for a judicial recount, section 144(1) of the Election Act (Alberta) requires her to do so within 8 days of the announcement of the official results (which were announced today).

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