Ontario Exploring Using Ranked Ballots for Municipal Elections

The Government of Ontario announced yesterday that it is “taking steps towards giving municipalities the option of using ranked ballots in future municipal elections.”

These steps are part of a broader review of the Municipal Elections Act (Ontario) that is also looking at potential reforms to election finance and election advertising in municipal elections, as well as improvements to enforcement and accessibility.

According to the backgrounder to the Government’s news release, the review is being undertaken at this time so that municipalities have the opportunity to consider ranked ballots before the 2018 municipal elections.

Public submissions on these changes will be open until July 27, 2015. For more details about how to provide feedback as part of the review, visit the Government of Ontario’s Municipal Elections Act Review page.

What do you think about using ranked ballots for municipal elections? If ranked ballots are a good idea for municipal elections, why not provincial elections too?

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