“Ontario’s ranked ballot system will “confuse” Hamilton voters, says manager of elections”

From the hamiltonnews.com website, an article on opposition to ranked ballots: http://www.hamiltonnews.com/news-story/5667443-ontario-s-ranked-ballot-system-will-confuse-hamilton-voters-says-manager-of-elections/

The argument that ranked ballots are too confusing is commonly cited by opponents of ranked ballots. In my view, this argument has little merit. It is true that there is more judgment and thought required in marking people in order of preference as opposed to just marking an “X”. Still, I am confident that people can indicate multiple preferences just as competently as they can mark one.

The concerns about confusion in this case may stem from the potential for ranked ballots being used for council elections and the first-past-the-post system being used for school board elections, all at the same time. However, if there are simultaneous elections using different ballots, it is nothing that an awareness campaign and clear instructions on the ballot can’t overcome.

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