Voter Registration

Are you on the federal and your provincial/territorial voters list?

Most Canadian jurisdictions have permanent registers of elections, which are used by election authorities to administer elections.

Maintaining accurate voters’ lists is a challenge, as new voters become eligible and voters move in and out of jurisdictions. In order to ensure that you are registered, and to help election authorities administer elections, several election authorities have set up websites where you can check and update your voter registration. Other election authorities ask you to call them to check if you are registered.

Here are links to the voter registration pages of the Canadian jurisdictions that allow voters to update their information in between elections. Do your part to support the democratic process in Canada by ensuring you are on the voters list and your information is accurate.

Federal –
British Columbia –
Alberta –
New Brunswick –
Nova Scotia –
Newfoundland and Labrador –
Nunavut –

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