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Green Party Sanctioned for Distributing Misleading Polling Data

CBC reports on a compliance agreement entered into on July 22nd by the Green Party of Canada: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/elections-commissioner-green-party-polling-1.3695519

In the compliance agreement the Party acknowledged that:

  • deliberate use of unreliable polling data intended for internal use, which use did not meet the informational requirements of the Elections Act—as well as the erroneous presentation of the polling data as being the latest results when subsequent polling data was trending down—was misleading; and
  • It constituted an attempt to induce a person to vote or not to vote for a particular candidate using a pretence or contrivance, and as such, an offence under paragraph 482(b) of the Act.

Here is the notice of the compliance agreement from the Commissioner’s website: https://www.cef-cce.gc.ca/content.asp?section=agr&document=jul2116&lang=e

Another reminder of the importance of political parties retaining legal counsel during elections and working closely with them to ensure compliance with the Elections Act!