Vancouver Transit Referendum Update

Elections BC has provided its fourth weekly update on the level of participation in the Metro Vancouver transit referendum, which is available here:

According to Elections BC, 340,605 ballot packages have been screened by Elections BC staff, representing 21.8% of registered voters. This method of measurement is a change from previous reports which indicated the number of ballot packages returned to Elections BC. The number of ballot packages is approximately 495,000. Once these packages are taken into account the participation rate increases to 31.7%.

In its weekly update Elections BC has included a reminder to voters that they must include both their signature and birthdate on the certification envelope. This is one of the steps in the referendum process and a significant number of voters must have missed this step in order for Elections BC to issue such a reminder.

If voters to do put their birthdate and signature on the certification envelope, their vote will not be counted, pursuant to section 16(1)(b)(i) of the Plebiscite 2015 (Regional Transportation System Funding) Regulation.

Perhaps people don’t appreciate the importance of completing all the steps when voting in the referendum. This shows how important it is to complete the information required on the certification envelope, in addition to marking the ballot. If you want your vote to count make sure you complete all the steps!

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